Saturday, July 17, 2010

Crazy Daze

In the last couple weeks I have felt like I'm going non-stop. I'm working on finding a curriculum for my kids ( haven't got very far), the fourth of July, one possible root canal, possible removal on tonsils, cut up sheets and Insurance companies.... these are some of things that have plagued my life recently. Oh, and I turned 32.

I was talking to my sister in law about a book she gave me a few years back and I still have not read it through :(  "A Mother's Rule of Life"  This book and completing my children's curriculum, will be my next task. The author is very enjoyable, but pride got in the way and I didn't finish reading. I never thought of myself as a scheduled mom, but now days I'm seeing the need for it. I don't know if wisdom comes with age or if I'm just tried of feeling like I didn't get anything done at the end of the day.  The author talks about balance between household duties and homeschooling (something I always have trouble with). I need peace in my life and I'm really hoping that this (if applied) might afford me some.