Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Tale of the Picker

Children pick, it's a fact. They pick noses, wedgies, some even pick belly buttons. My story is a tale of a picker of sorts. To some it will be distrubing and to others it will be common place.  For me it was too much!

~ The other night I was up late with my two littlest. They had taken naps too late in the day to go to bed at a normal hour, so mommy got to stay awake for a lot longer then she expected. We were sitting on the couch enjoying ourselves. The kiddos were watching Toy Story,  I was on my laptop when I realized that my poor son was being attacked by his sister. I looked down to find her showing the tip of her finger to her brother saying "eww" and wiping her finger on the couch. I told her to knock it off, she giggled. A second later she was waving her finger in his face again. Told her to stop (I have a problem with consistantcy, I don't have any). I went back to what I was doing, just too exhausted to actually make her listen. Out of the corner of my eye I saw what she was doing. She would stick her finger in my son's ear and pull it out with ear wax on it. She looked like she was a pirate looking for treasure and when she got it, she was thrilled, so much so that she had to show her brother. "Look Bubba, eeeewww," she would say as she wave that finger around. My son would look real hard at the tip of her finger and as he squinted he said, "ucky, JoJo." Don't get me wrong it was funny, just gross at the same time. So being the good mom I should,  I said, "I'm serious, knock that off, it's gross!" I think I used her complete name when I ended my declaration. She giggled a second time. I gave her one of my famous dirty looks. Looking back, I don't think I scared her in the least, but at the time I thought there was some improvement. She slowly got up and went to the kitchen, I figured she was getting a drink, which she did. It was then on her way back to the couch that I realized  her dasteredly plan as she set back on the couch ( on the other side of her brother ). That sicko wanted her brother's other ear! I called her on it, as she slowly sat down acting like she wasn't doing anything. She giggled her last. This time I stood my ground (couch), she was not able to pick my poor defendless child's ear any longer. I took the spot between them!

For those that are wondering: my childs ears were clean... well at least I thought they were. I had just giving him a bath.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beware of Kids with Money

Tim and I took the kids to the movie theater. We saw Toy Story 3, the kids loved it and we loved watching our little ones experience a theater for the very first time. Hearing the awes and ooos after something they saw, just made it all worth while. For Tim and I it was a first at this theater, being that we are new to town. It did not disappoint, the place was huge, twenty concession stands, sixteen screens and not as expensive as I would have thought.
Watching the movie went off without a hitch, no crying or fighting. After the movie was over we had a bathroom break and we took time to refill the drinks and popcorn. We walked out to the car and some crying started. Nothing too bad, but as we started to get into the car my second oldest tells me "look what I bought in the bathroom" as he waves a little box in front of my face. I was mortified. I hoped he hadn't opened it. I thought about a conversation that I really didn't want to have with an 11 yr old and as all these thoughts are coming to me, Tim is yelling " you never buy anything out of a bathroom and you are not allowed to buy anything without our permission". Right then, I knew he thought it was the same thing I did and I'm pretty sure you have caught on by now. I looked him straight in the face and said " give it to me." I noticed it wasn't open and as I took it I said, "Stephen, they sell medicine in there for people who have a hard time going potty and if you took it, you could get sick" trying to sound sympathetic. I looked at my husband with a dumb look as if to say "well... I don't know what to tell him." Luckily our oldest son (the know it all) starts in on his brother about how "it makes you sick and it's like that stuff they sell at the store for older people."  I looked at the little box as the kids all start giving their two sense and opened it. I did so for two reasons; one to see what he thought he was buying and two to see what kind of stuff I had to worry about in that bathroom. It was breath drops, thank you. My son kept repeating "it said they were sour" and now I knew why.