Saturday, June 12, 2010

Due to Economy

Creative means is necessary in this economy. I'm sure many stay at home moms are trying to bring a little more to add to the ever dwindling table. I feel like my list of chores keeps getting longer and longer and my time is stretched further and further. All the while homeschooling and trying to maintain a semi-clean house. So, in my spare time (which I has so much of) I do a little of everything (sewing, crochet, trying to learn how to knit, and trying to make hair bows... trying is the key word). I have been trying to sell what I create in order to help with the little things. Here are some of my Creations.

~Patriotic Reversible Apron ~

~Springtime Reversible Apron ~

~ Cherry Rag Quilt ~

~My 1st try with Bows~

~ Crocheted Hat and Scarf ~

~ Crocheted Hat and Scarf ~

~ Heart T-shirt Dress ~

Friday, June 11, 2010

Washing Woes

The trip went well until the vomiting started. The car ride got very interesting and a little messy to say the least. My poor Sol ..he's new to the whole flu thing, doesn't get that he's not trying to keep it in. Then the choking and gagging starts. All the while my husband is making noises (ya know... the kind that lets you know he's not happy...uuhh, ummm, hhhaa) and whether he knows it or not those noises effect my mood. Yeah, the trip went very well! When we got home the realization set in as I walked into my bathroom that my washer was not working. The mound of Laundry was sitting there as a reminder of things to come. I hate doing laundry! I think I would rather clean a toilet, but by the end of the night I wished I could do my laundry. Thank God I had an appointment the next morning.

That night didn't seem like it was going to end. Two sick babies on the floor next to my bed, every time they made a noise I woke. I have to give it to my little Josephine... she was a trooper. One minute she would be laying down and the next she would be over the bowl letting loose, not once did she need me to do a clean up. By 3:00 am I was done and the repair guy was coming between 8-12 noon. I would have normally gotten up early, cleaned up and made a general effort, but like I said I was done. As long as the kids let me sleep I was good.

The repair man came about 10ish. He was all business, looked older then my grandfather and had no sense of humor. He was a bit intimidating. He went straight to work and I left him to it. I came back to see how things were and opened my big mouth,"so you find anything?" and that opened the flood gates. "Yeah! I found something," he said (in a tone that said you idiot) as he gestured to this fleshy looking thing "it's some sort of potato,"he snapped. I knew there and then my little angel was at fault here. I was expecting a sock... some dirt... some lint ...a repair man with better eyes. When I looked down I saw what we had for dinner a couple nights ago... zucchini. I wasn't about to argue the species of the vegetable (that was stuck in my washer, with the repair man who just extracted it). So in the most humble of voice I said "oh really, I don't know how that got it there." He looked at me in that tone again and said, " A'll tell you how that got in there, one of 'em opened it up and put it in." That what I get for not being honest, I mean of course I knew, but what am I suppose to say, "I'm sorry sir.... I don't watch my 2 yr old as close as I should and it won't happen again." I mean really, he should be happy I have a crazy kid that keeps him employed. I was so happy when it was all over... and more happy cause I have a washer and one sick baby and 3 more that have yet to get it.

~This is for all the moms who have to be humbled by their childrens actions and for all the repair men who deal with crazy moms!~