Friday, October 26, 2012

So many things have transpired in the last couple of years. One of which is the understanding that we (hubby and I) need to get ahead, catch up on things that have been put off and our life needs to change if we want to succeed with that goal.  Everyone has had to breakdown and have this mental conversation about what needs to change at some point during these last four years.
What can I do to make ends meet?  No eating out... check! Plan out weekly meals... check! Cut back on extras ... check! (what extras?) Only put $20 in the tank at a time (because your prayin' it will go down)... check!! Start looking for ways to bring in extra $$ without taking too much time away from the family...check!! Realizing it's time to get a job because your son had to have surgery....Reality CHECK!!

Life could always be worse,  no matter what be grateful for what you have, but Man! The things I could do with a little more. So my blog got a face lift and I got a Facebook page and I'm also looking for work...yeah, I think that covers it!

If you like what you see ... my apologies (another thing I need is a camera). Than contact me and let Dette Design something for you.

Turtle Photo Prop size 6-12 months-$25
Baby booties or slippers 12-18 months
Poncho 3-6months

Football rag quilts -given as gifts

More rag quilts -given as gifts
Newsboy cap in pink $10
newsboy cap green -$10
poncho and beanies set - gift


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